Series Rules

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  1. Results from ALL RACES count towards the series standings. There will be no “dropped” races from the series standings. (Except for Junior Categories that align with CCAP Spring MTB Series Rules)
  2. In the instance of a tie in the final results, preference will be given to the racer with the higher result in the most recent race.
  3. Racers are only eligible for series prizes in one category (excluding single speed open). The category in which the racer is better placed will be the category they are awarded for.
  4. Racers are only eligible for series prizes if they finish in at least 50% of total series races
  5. Clif Dirt Cup racers can only be affiliated with one team during the season to earn team points for that team. If they decide to switch teams, previously earned points will be left with the former team.
  6. Upgrade rules
    1. Series winners from the previous year MUST upgrade to the next category (excluding Cat 1 racers) in order to be eligible for series prizes. Special exceptions will be made in rare occasions.
    2. Cat 2 racers must upgrade with a Top 3 finish in 75% of the series races to be eligible.
    3. Cat 3 categories must upgrade with a top 5 finish in 75% of the series races to be eligible.
    4. Racers who upgrade mid-season do not take their points with them.
  7. Self-Supported - Racers must be self-contained and self-reliant. Bike repairs are to be done only by individual bike racers. No outside support is permitted. All spare parts and tools shall be carried by individual racers and may only be used only by that racer; cannibalizing other bikes is not permitted. A racer can only use spare parts or tools that he/she started with at the beginning of the race. Racers may not leave the course to make repairs. Racers shall complete the entire event on the same bicycle they started with. Racers must also finish with the number plate/timing chip that they started the race with.
  8. Food and water can be taken on by riders, only in designated feed zone areas.
  9. Bikes must be powered by human pedal power only. No e-bikes, electric motors or any other type of power-assisted bikes of any type are permitted.
  10. Any rider littering the course with food packages or waste will be disqualified.
  11. Cutting the course short by any rider, whether by accident or not, will lead to disqualification or relegation to last place in your class. The race promoter will make this decision.
  12. You must wear a helmet while warming up or racing on the course for any Clif Dirt Cup event.
  13. The race director reserves the right to warn or disqualify anyone from an event for unsportsmanlike behavior (profanity towards volunteers or other riders, foul-riding, throwing your bike).
  14. Racers have the right of way over racers pushing or carrying their bike.
  15. A racer pushing or carrying their bike can overtake a racer riding his bicycle provided that it does not interfere with the riding racer.
  16. Riders passing or lapping another rider must vocally alert that rider by using such terms as: Passing on your left (right) or Track left (right). It is the responsibility of the passing rider to overtake safely, and riders being passed must yield at the first reasonable opportunity.
  17. Walkmans, headphones and other personal listening devices that may interfere with a racers awareness of other riders and their surroundings are prohibited.
  18. When two riders are vying for position, the leading rider does not necessarily have to yield position to the challenging rider, however, a rider may not bodily interfere, intending to impede another riders progress. This is considered to be highly unsportsmanlike behavior.
  19. Protests can be made only by and against racers in the same class and in most cases must be confirmed by a third-party.
  20. The race director and/or Clif Dirt Cup Directors will have final decision and interpretation of rules.
  21. Starting times and staging procedures for classes will be at the discretion of each race director.
  22. The Protest period is 15 minutes following posting of complete results for each class. It is a racer’s responsibility to verify the results at the race. After the protest period is over, all results will be final. Do not contact race promoters about results errors discovered after the protest period unless it is something that was not apparent at the time the results were posted.
  23. There will be no pre-riding or warming up on the course during any race. Racers are subject to disqualification from their race with no refund. Continuous announcements of this should be made by the announcers during each race wave.
  24. Your race age for the series is your age as of December 31, 2019 - not your age on the day of the race. Youth racers must have a “race age” of 18 or younger on December 31, 2019 to participate in the Junior/High School series category. A student with a “race age” older than 18 may participate in the Junior/High School series category only if that student is registered on a High School cycling team/club and is wearing a High School team/club jersey.
  25. It is each racers responsibility to be aware of and understand these rules. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  26. Violation of any of the rules may result in disqualification.
  27. All additional USAC Rules apply.